Free Resume Formats - Blank templates to help you build your own resume

Here you will find free resume formats that you can use to help you design your own resume. These resume formats are templates you can print and use as visual guides as you write.

The best way to use these examples is to print them and keep them next to your computer while you work on your own resume. These blank formats are examples of the best resume designs that have the most important information in the most effective order.

There are three resume formats and if you're not sure which resume format is the right one for you, visit the Resume Examples page.

When you read the descriptions of each format you can decide which format is the best for you based on the job you're looking for, your work history, and your work experience.

Your decision about which format to use is important because each of the three formats is generally ideal for different situations and different people.

The correct format presents you in the best possible way for the job you're apply for and this helps to insure that someone will take the time to read your resume and, hopefully, call you for an interview.

The correct format will emphasize and highlight the things you want the reader to notice and demphasize the things that aren't as important.

You will need Adobe Reader on your computer in order to open these resume samples and you can get Adobe Reader for free here. Follow the instructions on the Adobe website to install the Adobe Reader.

Once you have Adobe Reader installed, simply click on the links below to download the samples.

Here is a free Chronological Resume example

Here is a free Functional Resume example

Here is a free Combination Resume example

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