Free Resume Cover Letter

Free Resume Cover Letter

A cover letter is sent with a resume to introduce you and your resume to the reader. Use this free resume cover letter as an example.

A well-written cover letter is short and quickly catches the reader’s attention by making a clear connection between you and the requirements listed in a job description.

This connection is made by using the same keywords found in a job listing on your resume and cover letter. The higher the number of matching keywords the more you appear to be the ideal candidate for the job.

Once there is a high keyword match between your resume and the job description, your resume moves to the top of the list of qualified candidates.

Well-written cover letters include three sections in addition to the standard letter greeting and signature.

1. The Opening. This is where you mention why you are contacting them and how you discovered the opening. In some cases, this is where you would include your Statement of Interest if you are asked to include one.

2. The Connection. This is where you include a list matching your experience and their requirements using specific keywords taken from the job listing.

3. The Summary. This is where you express your interest, add any helpful information, and suggest a next step.

Here is a free resume cover letter to use as an example. The list of matching requirements and qualifications is short in this example and could be longer and more detailed if necessary.

Your Name
Your Address
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City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name or To Whom it May Concern:

I am interested in the General Manager position described in the Careers section of your website. Given both my related experience and my MBA degree I believe I am an ideal match for this position and I would appreciate your consideration for this job opening.

Your Requirements:
• Experience managing and overseeing operations in multiple worksites.
• Hire, train, and management staff at all organizational levels.
• Able to travel for extended periods with short notice when necessary.
• Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business

My Qualifications:
• Managed manufacturing operations in 4 locations remotely and through onsite visits.
• Hired, trained, managed staff for all levels at each of these 4 locations.
• Flexible to travel when and where required.
• Have an MBA with a major in Business Operations.

I appreciate your time and I would welcome an opportunity to meet to discuss my qualifications. Thank you for your consideration, my resume is enclosed for your review.

Your Signature (for mailed letter)

Your Typed Name

Well-written cover letters for resumes can make the difference between your resume being read or ignored so spend some time crafting one that grabs the reader’s interest and attention.

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