Functional Resume Sample

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Here is a Functional Resume sample. This format is unique because it focuses on accomplishments and specific skill sets rather than on job history as in the Chronological Resume.

A Functional Resume is helpful for someone who wants or needs to emphasize their unique skills or accomplishments rather than their sequence of jobs.

This is the best format for someone changing jobs or careers because it is simple, clear, and easy to understand.

Functional Resume Sample Contents

Contact Information

This is the information obviously necessary for an employer to know how to contact you.

Objective (Optional)

If you use an objective, include the specific job ID information and job title.

Summary or Skill Summary

The summary is important because a well-written summary can tells the reader exactly what you have to offer. Spend some time crafting a summary that will grab attention.

Skills and/or Accomplishments

A Functional Resume takes the information normally placed under each job title in a Chronological Resume and lists it here for better visibility and greater emphasis.

Work History or Professional Experience

This is where jobs are listed in reverse chronological order. The list includes the job title, the name of your organization, the city and state, and the length of your time there.


List your college or university education or university level certificates.

Professional Affiliations (Optional)

List any professional affiliations relevant to the job.

Training and Certifications

Mention any relevant certifications or training that doesn't fit under the Education element.

Military Experience

List your military experience here unless it is placed in your work history. It should appear there if your experience is related to your career or the job you are applying for.

Do not add the comment "References Available Upon Request" because it is assumed that you will provide them when asked.

Functional Resume Sample

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