Job Interview Dressing

Job Interview Dressing - Dress for Success!

When going on a job interview, you have one chance to make a great impression because the interviewer is going to judge you based on your appearance, right away. Job interview dressing is very important because, believe it or not, a majority of people make rash conclusions about people based on how they look. Once that judgment has been set, it can be difficult for the individual to change their mind unless they get to know you.

With an interview, you get one shot. If they don't like you based on your job interview dressing, you won't have any more chances to prove them wrong. You have to get it right the first time by letting your appearance speak for itself. Job interview dressing is all about making a great impression.

A lot of people don't know or do not understand what proper job interview dressing is. This is especially true for recent college grads. Many individuals feel that they can make do with whatever is hanging in their closets. That may or may not be the case. If you have already worked in a professional or business casual environment, then you probably have all the essentials you will need to maintain good job interview dressing.

For everyone else, you will have to purchase a few quality, conservative pieces. Even if you are on a limited-budget you can still shop around at thrift stores, yard sales and auction websites to find quality job interview dressing. Or you could ask friends and family if they have any professional clothes that you can have or borrow. You don't need a lot; the idea for job interview dressing is quality, not quantity. Just one or two well-picked outfits will do wonders for your job interviews.

For Both Men and Women

For job interview dressing, do not wear any visible body piercings. Make sure that any cologne or perfume is minimal. Fingers must be clean and trimmed. Shoes also must be clean as well as polished. Do not carry anything in your pockets - that includes loose change or a cell phone. For the business suit, go with a navy, grey or black two-piece. The shirt should be a white or pastel and long-sleeved. Absolutely no gum or candy during the interview. If you smoke, do not smoke before the interview; instead wait until afterwards.


In general any jewelry is considered unprofessional, unless it's wedding band or a watch. If you wear earrings, be sure to take them out before your interview. This goes for any necklaces as well. Be sure that your hair is nicely groomed and freshly cut. While short hair is best in job interview dressing, if you have medium long hair be sure that it's styled professionally and pulled back from your face.

Facial hair is somewhat dubious. Beards are absolute job interview dressing faux pas, though mustaches may be okay as long as they are neat and well-trimmed.
If you can afford it or have one in your possession, wear a silk tie. The design of your tie must not be flashy or distracting, instead go for one with a conservative pattern. In job interview dressing, always be sure to wear dark shoes and dark socks. Colors such as navy or brown is fine, but black shoes and socks are always preferred.


Ladies, you definitely have more leniency with job interview dressing than men, but the key that you must remember is to keep it minimal. You can wear earrings of course, but they should be small and you should only wear one set. Studs such as diamonds or pearls are ideal. Rings are okay, as long as you have no more than one ring on each hand and the rings are conservative or classic in style.

Makeup should be light, so that it appears natural and fingernail polish, if you wear any, should be clear or of a conventional color. With your hair, it is always best to wear it up. If your hair is short, be sure that it is styled to suit a professional environment.

For job interview dressing, it's always ideal to wear a suit that has a jacket. If decide to wear hose, go with a color that is either the same or is close to your skin tone. Instead of a purse, bring a briefcase or portfolio case. For shoes, go with a dark color and be sure that the heels are conservative.

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