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Job Interview Question Tips for Successful Job Interviews

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare!
Never, never, never walk into an important job interview unprepared. Your job interview could be one of the most important conversations you ever have so don't leave it to chance, PREPARE! How do you prepare? There are many ways to prepare for an interview and here are a few of them.

Research the company you are interviewing with so you can talk intelligently about the job you're applying for and how you're the ideal candidate.

Study a list of common interview questions and think about how you'll answer them. The idea here isn't to memorize a script but to think in advance about answers that are organized and complete. Here is a list of some common interview questions.

Have a list of several stories of personal and career-related accomplishments in mind as answers to some common interview questions.

Do mock interviews. How? Practice for an interview by getting a friend to role play as an interviewer. This practice will help you warm up to the interview process so you can be more relaxed at a real interview. If you REALLY want to get the most mileage out of this interview practice, video tape yourself so you can go back later to see how you did.

2. Always keep in mind - WIIFT?
The acronym WIIFT means "What's In It For Them?" Remember that employers are interviewing you because they have a need for someone with your skills or experience. They're interested in their needs, not yours, so that's what you should talk about. A common mistake that interviewees make is to focus on themselves rather than focusing on how they can help the interviewer solve their problem.

3. Ask questions.
An interview is not an interrogation, it's a conversation. Be ready to not only answer an interviewer's questions but to ask your own. Your purpose at the interview is to convince your interviewer that you are the best candidate for the job, but you're also there to get enough information to make sure that this would be the right job for you.

4. Show enthusiasm and interest.
If you want to be taken seriously as a candidate, show it by expressing your interest and enthusiasm. An interviewer needs to see that you have a genuine interest in your work because this tells them that you will probably show the same interest in the job, if you get it.

5. Have specific examples that show what you've done.
An interviewer will ask you about your accomplishments because it gives them an idea of what you might accomplish in the future. Be ready to give them specific examples from your work or life experience that show your accomplishments.

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