Mock Job Interviews

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How Mock Job Interview Practice Helps

Have you ever been on a bad job interview?

More than likely you have and you probably were disappointed if not outright despondent over the results. Rather than dwell on the past, it would be a much better idea to move forward and do a practice interview to improve future results. Such interviews can often mean the difference between succeeding or failing in your future job search endeavors.

And, you do want to succeed do you not?

More than likely you do and some interview practice will boost the odds of success quite a bit.

How do you know you will do well in a job interview? Most people cannot find the answer to such a question unless they actually take part in an interview. As with anything else, job interview success is based on experience.

There is, of course, another side to this assessment that needs to be addressed. Namely, experience entails a lot of trial and error. That means you learn from your mistakes. Do you want to make mistakes on a job interview? Most definitely you do not! You need to be at the top of your game and score big. This is why a mock job interview proves to be so helpful. An interview of this nature can help you remove quite a few of the bugs from your interview talents. Yes, you can take part in a trial and error interview process. The key here is that you do so in practice sessions...not during an actual interview.

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In order to effectively take part in a mock job interview, you will need someone to conduct the interview with you. Friends and relatives can be tapped for this but they will need to be knowledgeable of how to conduct and interview. If not then they will not help you boost your skill level. If you really wish to boost your chances of enhancing interview skill, it would be best to work with a professional career counselor. Such a professional will understand what is needed to make a mock job interview work effectively.

And here is a little bit of tough love news some may not be too thrilled to here: a lot of your mock job interviews will need to be downright difficult. You do not need all that much help dealing with an easy interview. You might wish to have some of these mock session entail dealing with antagonistic interviews.

By antagonistic, this refers to those interviews in which the person on the other side of the desk is disinterested, bored, dismissive, or otherwise tough to deal with. Honestly, it is not easy to salvage such an interview but it can be done. However, only an experienced person will have any chance at job interview success in a scenario such as this. Again, this is why the concept of the mock job interview is so important. It gives you experience with staying calm and focused even in very troubling situations.

Practice is the key to success in every endeavor. This includes job interviews.

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