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Resume Action Verbs

Resume Actions Verbs will give your resume the impact it needs to encourage the reader to go past their initial scan of your resume.

Resume Actions Verbs will give your resume the impact it needs to encourage the reader to go past their initial skim and read your resume.

Resume action verbs are used on a resume to emphasize the actions you've taken to get results. They pack power into your statements to draw the attention and interest of your potential employer and can turn a hum-drum, uninspired resume into something that grabs attention and begs the reader to read more.

What are Resume Action Verbs?
Action verbs are simply verbs on the resume that emphasize action and impact rather than simply describing an action. The easiest way to explain how resume action verbs are written is by showing you some examples so here they are.

In these examples, the "boring" version of a statement is first and then followed by a better statement that uses action verbs that show intention, action, and results. Remember, of course, that the action verbs you use are accurate; the idea is to spice things up a bit, not over-exaggerate. Also, remember that it's helpful to quantify any claim or statement with a number or percentage that shows a specific outcome that can be easily understood.

Old version: Responsible for customer retention by keeping them advised on new products and product lines.
New version: Maintained an effective customer retention program that increased repeat business from 15% to 50%.

Old version: Made a change in managing that helped employee retention.
New version: Designed and implemented a highly effective employee retention program that reduced employee turnover by 45%.

Old version: Helped department keep products installed in customer locations.
New version: Participated in a successful department initiative to increase customer satisfaction with equipment installations through a commitment to providing fast solutions and world-class service.

Old version: Discharge Manager in charge of scheduling patients leaving hospital care.
New version: Cultivated long-term patient and patient family satisfaction with hospital services by providing caring and supportive discharge services.

The differences should be obvious in these examples and you can see how the use of resume action verbs can make a dramatic difference in the effectiveness of your resume.

Now, go through your resume and cover to find all of the verbs and look for those you can replace with more dynamic action verbs. While this revision might take a bit of time to complete, it will be worth the effort because a dynamic resume that catches attention with action verbs will boost the calls you receive for interviews. After all, if the choice of only a few words can make the difference between being called for an interview and not being called, isn't the effort worthwhile?

Resume Action Verbs are helpful as you can see; Click here to see our list of action words you can use for your own resume.

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