Resume Free Examples

You can write a great resume. Free examples like these show you how. These examples show you what needs to be included in an effective resume.

There are three common resume formats. Print the examples below and use them as a guide to writing your own.

How do you know which format to use?

Different formats work best in different situations. Select the format that works best for you given your work experience and career objective.

If this is your first resume or if you need a refresher, look at the basic guidelines for creating an effective resume by Clicking here.

The three resume formats are the Functional Resume, the Chronological Resume, and the Combination Resume.

The Functional Resume

This format focuses on your skills and abilities rather than your work history, dates of employment, job titles or employers. This format can be used in any situation where you want to emphasize your skill set and de-emphasize your work history.

This format is particularly effective if you are changing careers and want the reader to recognize your transferable skills because your job history might not relate to the job you’re applying for. This format is effective for anyone changing careers or making a lateral career move.

Click here to see a Functional Resume

The Chronological Resume

This format is the one that most people are familiar with and is the one most commonly used. The obvious feature of this format is the list of jobs in reverse chronological order.

Each job includes a detailed description of the responsibilities and should also include some important accomplishments. This format is effective for the job candidate applying for a position that naturally follows from the most recent position mentioned in their resume.

It is also effective in cases when it’s important to emphasize the organizations you’ve worked for, your job titles, or your education.

Click here to see a Chronological Resume

The Combination Resume

This format combines elements of both the Functional and the Chronological Resume. This format helps to call attention to your skills and accomplishments while keeping important detail visible in your job history.

This is a kind of “all purpose” resume format that can be used in any situation. It works for the person changing careers because it highlights transferable skills like the Functional Resume but it also includes details related to specific jobs like the Chronological Resume so it can also work well for the person not changing careers.

Should you have only one type of resume? Well, that depends. You might use only one format if you’re looking for only one particular job but you might use different formats because you’re looking for different jobs.

Use the resume format that will be the most effective and best showcase your skills and experience as they relate to the job you’re targeting.

You will find pdf versions of our resume examples on our Free Resume Formats page here.

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