Resume Functional Summary

Resume Functional Summary examples to help you build a great resume.

A Resume Functional Summary is the type of Resume Summary that you would find on a Functional Resume although there isn't much different than a Resume Summary you would find on any of the other resume formats.

(We will not be exploring the other resume formats here so if you want more information of the different resume formats click here.)

The first thing to always keep in mind is that a resume must catch the attention of the reader. This is important because the reader might be sifting through hundreds of resumes and your resume needs to stand out and the best way to do this is to appeal to the reader's needs. This is done by quickly showing how you have the skills, experience, and knowledge that match what they are looking for. An effective and well-written summary does this.

A Resume Functional Summary, or any Resume Summary, should be designed to quickly and clearly show the reader that the candidate has the exact skills, knowledge, and experience that they are looking for. This, of course, is done by keeping the principle of WIIFT in mind.

What is WIIFT? WIIFT is a acronym for "What's In It For Them" and it refers to the focus that every resume should have. That focus is not about "me" and what "I" want, it's about them, what they want, and what they need. An effective resume focuses on the reason why the employer posted a job listing in the first place.

Keep WIIFT in mind because you can only get the attention of the person reading your resume if you can quickly give them the impression that you are the solution to their problem, you are the person who can fill their need.

The Resume Functional Summary.

A Resume Summary is one of the first parts of a resume, it generally appears right under the objective and its purpose is to highlight important skills, knowledge, or experience that is MOST RELEVANT to the job and/or the employer. Since this is the part of the resume the reader sees after they read the objective, it's a sort of headline that should quickly make a point and get the reader's attention.

There is more than one way to write a resume summary, it can be in the form of a bullet list or it can be in the form of a paragraph.

Here is an example of a summary in bullet form for a candidate applying for a job as a Marketing Manager for a bank:

- Ten years of progressive experience managing highly productive marketing teams - Thorough understanding of investment, banking, and other product offers relating to the banking industry - Proven track record of increasing market penetration with innovative marketing methods - Experienced team-builder with excellent communication and leadership skills - Skilled and certified project manager

Here is an example of a summary for the same candidate but in paragraph form:

Skilled Marketing and Marketing Project Manager with a proven track record of market penetration using innovative approaches to the marketing of various bank and investment products. Skilled team builder with excellent leadership and communication skills.

Notice how these summaries create an impact by emphasizing and highlighting key skills and experience as they relate to the job. You can imagine how the hiring manager might seek to interview this candidate because of what they bring to the table.

Keep in mind that the summary might be changed to emphasize the particular skills and experience required for the different jobs you might be applying for. Now, go ahead and build your own summary.

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