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Resume Objective Examples

Here are some Resume Objective Examples to help you learn how to create a resume objective that makes your own resume work.

The easiest way to learn how to write an effective resume objective is to take a look as some effective resume objective examples.

There is one point that you will find repeated over and over again on each helpful page on this website and that is the importance of making your resume focused on the reader's needs, not on yours. This means that a resume is not written to describe what you want, it's written to show the employer that you have what THEY want. And, when it comes to writing an effective resume example, the same rule applies.

There are two primary ways of writing a resume objective. One type of resume objective is general in the sense that it could apply to more than one job opening or even more than one job type. The other type of resume objective is specific and it targets a particular job title or even a specific job opening. Below you'll find an explanation of the best way to write a resume objective in these two ways.

Resume Objective for a specific job opening

This objective is really a no-brainer. When you are applying for a specific job opening, you use the exact job title listed in the job opening along with any number or other code that is associated with the listing. By doing this, you make it very clear to the reader which job you are applying for.


-Field Service Engineer, Code SE1225JF (This could would be the one in the job listing, if there is one of course.)

-Marketing Specialist for the Global Media Group (In this case, there is no job code but the hiring department is mentioned in the listing and this makes your job target very clear and specific.)

Resume Objective for job types

While it's generally recommended that you target a resume for a specific a job, there are reason why you might want to "fish" for any opening that might be related to a particular skill or job title. In this case, your objective should only mention the specific job or job group title and not add extra "fluff", self-directed words like these:

-a job where I can grow….

-an opportunity for me to develop my…..

-with the opportunity for promotion….

Keeping in mind the rule about focusing on the needs of the employer, you don't refer to what you want, you focus on what THEY want, if you refer to anything more than the job title. This means that if you decide to add extra words to your objective, they would have a tone like these:

-where I can help your organization….

-an opportunity to enhance your organization's (or department's, or whatever) revenue….

-where my extensive experience could be an asset to your…….

With this focus in mind, a resume objective would read something like this:

-The position of Global Marketing Manager where I can help your organization increase global sales revenues

-A Technical Writer position where I can support your department's growing need for quality instruction

Get the idea? In these examples you are focusing on the needs of the employer.

Of course, the simplest resume objective consists of just the job title or job family. For example:

-Marketing Manager

-Sales Clerk

-Director of Global Operations

So, select the type of objective that will work best in your case and use these resume objective examples to help you create your own.

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