Resume Objective Sample

Resume objective sample statements

A resume objective is a powerful short statement at the top of your resume that allows a potential employer to have glimpse as to what value you can and will bring to their organization. Due to the volume of resumes employers receive, many will often quickly scan a resume before making the decision whether or not to continue reading it.

It is good to have a look at several resume objective sample statements before doing yours since the resume objective is what can make the difference between interest in your profile and tossing your application into the ‘Regret' mailing list. A resume objective should show how you fit the job.

Even though many people can quickly know the meaning of a resume objective, it is only on seeing a resume objective sample statements that they can start to conceptualize what it is and how they can draft a good one for their resume.

But even as you go through a resume sample objectives, it is important to know the difference between a resume objective and a profile. A profile will outline what you are looking for whereas a resume objective should speak to what the employer is looking for- in other words, profile = you while objective = them.

For example:
Profile sample - Seeking a career with progressive company where I can use my skills, knowledge and management experience, operational purchasing and buying skills in a challenging environment that allows for advancement and development.

Resume sample objective - Management position in procurement where over 7 years experience will add operational value.

The resume objective focuses the employer on whether you could be just what he or she requires. It says ‘you want a procurement manager? Well, here is someone that can fit the role perfectly'. The profile on the other hand makes the recruiter weigh the passions and skills of the employee against the opportunities within the organization.

A resume sample objective for an entry level accounting job might read as follows:

A position in the accountancy sector where excellent technical and analytical skills can assist in improving the company's profits.

If you have two years experience you might write the following: A Data Entry post where skills and experience in spreadsheet development can improve efficiency and profitability.

Using a resume objective is useful if you are thinking of a career change. You can use it to point out what you can bring to the organization despite your obvious lack of direct industry experience.

An example of this might read thus:

A position as Assistant Engineer where knowledge of construction, high mechanical aptitude and commitment to health and safety can contribute to profitable operations.

If you work in a creative industry where it is difficult to quantify certain attributes, you can use a resume objective to show how your skills can be applied to a particular job.

An example of this resume objective might read

A Graphic Design position where advanced creative and graphic skills will produce quality products for customers.

It is important to remember to only use a resume objective when targeting a specific job so that it relates directly to the skills and experience required by that particular employer. There are times when you should not include a resume objective sample as you may limit your options, particularly where there may be several vacancies within an organization that you are qualified for. You should never use a resume objective if your resume is to be submitted to an internet job board or a recruitment agency.

When writing your resume objective sample, ensure that it does not come across as vague. Be specific. Think of the name of the particular vacancy, the skills required (and that you possess) and develop your objective accordingly. You should avoid using personal pronouns (I, mine, my etc). Steer clear of words that relate to you rather than the employer (examples of such words would be growth, advancement, challenge me, etc.).

Finally, remember to write a new resume objective for each vacancy that you apply for. The last thing you would want to happen is submitting a resume that references a position that is different from the one you are applying for.

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